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CrDroid with Android 12 For Mi A2 (Jasmine Sprout)

New crDroid update for Mi A2

  • Codename: jasmine_sprout
  • crDroid version: 8.0
  • Build date: 20220114
  • Maintainer: Anush Madathumkara

Highlights & Device Specific Changes:

Build type: Monthly
Device: Mi A2 (Jasmine Sprout)
Device maintainer: Anush Madathumkara


crDroid v8.0:

  • Updated to crDroid 8.0 code
  • MIUI Cam included
  • Minimal Gapps included for now
  • Decrypted by default for now
  • SELinux enforcing and Safety net passes by default

Device changelog:

  • Initial Beta Build.
  • Basic gapps pre included for now.


  • Clean flash recommended




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