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CrDroid with Android 11 For Google Nexus 5 (hammerhead)

New crDroid update for Google Nexus 5

  • Codename: hammerhead
  • crDroid version: 7.12
  • Build date: 20211217
  • Maintainer: Hasan Okarci


crDroid v7.13

  • Updated to crDroid 7.13 code
  • Updated to security patch level 2021.12.05
  • Synced with latest sources
  • Updated translations
  • Updated kernel

Device changelog:

  • java: Specify larger heap size for metalava
  • Merge branch ‘z3DD3r:lineage-18.1’ into lineage-18.1
  • shamu: sepolicy: Resolve vmallocinfo denial
  • Merge branch ‘LineageOS:lineage-18.1’ into lineage-18.1
  • SettingsProvider: Set device name to marketname if available
  • TaskSnapshotController: avoid NPE
  • WindowOrganizerController: fix a NPE
    Pulse: Fix potential SystemUI FC
  • Revert “Revert “DispSync: workaround HH hardware vsync issue””
  • Deprecate usage of cutils/log.h
  • Don’t use gnu-oldstyle field designators
  • Add display headers lib
  • Validate display ID in hwc interfaces
  • libmemtrack: Add open method for msm8974.memtrack
  • hwc: Set ioprio for vsync thread
  • IQService: Allow more processes to access IPC
  • Settings: Set device name from market name if available
  • Utils: Add missing exfat
  • vold: Accept Linux GPT partitions on external SD cards
  • Fix the group permissions of the sdcard root.
  • vold ext4/f2fs: do not use dirsync if we’re mounting adopted storage
  • vold: Mount ext4/f2fs portable storage with sdcard_posix
  • vold: Honor mount options for ext4/f2fs partitions
  • vold: Support internal storage partitions
  • vold: Fix fsck on public volumes
  • vold: add support for more filesystems for public storage
  • Revert “vold: Add support for ntfs”


  • Clean flash recommended




  • All Developers and Testers.


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