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CrDroid with Android 11 For Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 (X01BD)

New crDroid update for Zenfone Max Pro M2

  • Codename: X01BD
  • crDroid version: 7.13
  • Build date: 20211218
  • Maintainer: Anit Sebastian


crDroid v7.13

  • Updated to crDroid 7.13 code
  • Updated to security patch level 2021.12.05
  • Synced with latest sources
  • Updated translations
  • Updated kernel

Device Changelog:

  • Bluetooth: Avoid reentrant lock-in getService method
  • BluetoothUtils: disable useless log spam
  • wm: don’t move the home stack to the front in freeform mode
  • Handle landscape and portrait display for PIP rotation
  • Broadcast Bluetooth state to OFF properly
  • Avoid Bluetooth getting turned on by enabled
  • Use finally block for Binder.restoreCallingIdentity
  • Bluetooth: Remove bind timeout message on service connection
  • User switch: Unbind headset service in Bluetooth Off state.
  • BT: Don’t allow isBleScanAlwaysAvailable API call for non-foreground users
  • use more loadDrawableAsUser in MediaDataManager
  • Drop the maximum recommended log size from 16MiB to 8MiB.
  • Check for a2dp profile when removing stale connection events
  • Fix inconsistency in the ringtone list
  • Allow Seamless rotation while PIP is active
  • Add synchronization to all device busy state changes.
  • Don’t fork USAPs with open argument buffer
  • Allow app zygote preload to retain files across a fork
  • DataSwitchTile: Improve the code
  • SystemUI: Show carrier name of the opposite slot in DataSwitch tile label
  • settingslib: Tile: Add more checks if metadata is null.
  • More consistently retry system calls on EINTR
  • Fix error formatting issues


  • Clean flash recommended




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