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Corvus OS v13.0 R(11) For Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 X01BD

CorvusOS v13.0 | Exalted | Official
Android: 11 (R)
Build Date: 22-01-2021
Device: Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 | X01BD
Maintainer: @Curious_To_Learn


Source Side:

Corvus OS v13.0-Exalted Update

  • Upstreamed Kernel to v4.4.252 ElectroPerf.
  • Introduced Safailnet.
  • Initial Official Build.
  • Improved Audio Quality.
  • Updated to Redfin FP Jan Release.
  • Fixed Blur Lags.
  • Removed the Space Between GBoard And Nav-bar.

** Additions to the features

  • Introduce Long-press power while display is off for torch
  • Added option to long press power turn torches off when the screen is on.
  • Added haptic feedback for torch when screen is off
  • Added option for quick settings pull down with one finger
  • Made ringtone audio focus customizable for Wired/BT headset
  • Added animations to quick settings tiles
  • Added interpolators to QS tiles animation
  • BrightnessDialog: Dismiss on focus lost
  • Added Less boring heads up option
  • Always show alarm clock heads-up in Less boring heads up option
  • Added Double-tap to wake on doze
  • Introduced Adaptive Playback
  • Added BatteryBar
  • Added back more battery bar locations
  • Convert Adaptive Playback to seconds
  • Properly set fonts and icons on keyguard when changing styles
  • Added Reading mode QS tile
  • Added feature to Allow customizing QS footer text
  • Introduced new navigation bar key event source
  • Added arrow keys while typing resurrection
  • Added navbar layout inversion tuning & tunables for navbar layout
  • Made a proper validator for navbar layouts
  • Applied custom layouts on boot on Navbar
  • Added a constant default value for QS columns
  • Added tile to show volume panel
  • Added AmbientDisplay tile
  • Added Optional haptic feedback on back gesture
  • Added Flipendo (Extreme Battery Saver)
  • Added Adaptive Sound On Pixel 5
  • Added Kill App(Force Close) Option on Launcher

** Some Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed signal icon padding when using Hidden style
  • Fixed Hide lock screen media art if nothing is playing
  • Fixed-size of icon of vibrate ringer mode for additional icon packs
  • Fixed padding between signal icons – battery – percentage
  • Don’t request render in GLSurfaceView.GLThread ctr
  • Fixed an NPE in constructor

Device Side:

  • Source Upstream
  • Updated Build Fingerprint to Redfin Jan 2021
  • Fixed CTS


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