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Corvus OS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (Excalibur)

Corvus OS v16.6 | Paradox | Official | Android 11
Build Date : 01-07-2021
Device : Redmi Note 9 Pro Max | excalibur
Maintainer : @mrjarvis698


Source Side:

Corvus OS v16.6 – Paradox Changelogs:

  • Added new QS Tile styles
  • Redesigned Brightness Slider (Looks like OOS)
  • Recolour Volume Panel with Alpha-Accent colours
  • Added toggle for QQS Brightness Slider
  • Remove Reticker (Caused issues with QS Panel and SystemUI reboots on notification clicks)
  • Added notification count badge
  • Brought back volume key music seek control to toggle to raven’s lair
  • Fixed bubble notification system freezes
  • Added status bar Clock to QS Header
  • Customisation to Clock affects the QS Header clock too
  • (Exclusive) Added Music Equaliser to Corvus settings
  • Fixed Active/Inactive QS Colours
  • Switched Crash log from Dogbin (dead) to hastebin
  • Fixed 3-button navigation bar assistant animation
  • Added gradual fade animation to QS tile toggles
  • Make Gesture pill a bit thicker like IOS
  • Spoof Google photos for Unlimited Original Quality storage

Device Changelog:

  • Added unlimited Original Size Backup in Google Photos.
  • Removed Distortion Fix, You peeps getting low sound*.
  • If someone needs to lower the sound use Equaliser and tune as per your needs. (added by source)
  • CTS will Pass at Any cost.
  • ANX will Work Overall.



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  • For Testers and Developers.


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