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Corvus OS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 7/7s (Lavender)

Corvus OS v17.0 | Vanguard | Official | Android 11
Build Date: 31-10-2021
Device: Redmi Note 7 | lavender
Maintainer: @Lucifer_morning_star_96


Source Side:

Corvus OS v17.0 – Vanguard Changelogs:


  • Updated security patch to Android-11.0.0_r48
  • Rebased AV for devices with Audio/Video issues and extensive support
  • Rebased ART and Bionic for improved optimisation and benchmark performance
  • Added Full native ZygoteJustInTime Support (Perf)
  • Added EROFS support
  • Added extensive F2FS support
  • Updated Iorap and LMKD
  • Enabled Global ThinLTO (Perf)
  • Updated SQLite
  • Updated arm-optimized-routines
  • Switched to improved Jemalloc memory allocation
  • Disabled Setup Wizard by default (Caused Non stop FC for some users)
  • and many more tweaks and optimisation


  • Added ability to adjust app drawer opacity
  • Added App drawer background blur
  • Added ability to adjust app icon size
  • Added ability to set bottom Google SearchBar
  • Added toggle to show Free RAM in Recents
  • Added ability to toggle Homescreen app dock background
  • Removed homescreen app dock bottom space
  • Redesigned Recent view action buttons


  • Nuked Reticker (Caused SystemUI restart)
  • New Brightness Slider Style Implementation
  • Added A12 style and Custom brightness slider style along with the default style
  • Added Color Coded battery level indication (Does not work with Portrait style)
  • Added QS Tile to trigger Corvus ZenMode
  • Fixed Long Press QS tile force close for CPU Info and FPS Info tile
  • Added intent to start Doze Settings on AOD Tile long click
  • Added ability to record longer videos (Screen Recorder)
  • Added ability to set low quality in screen recording
  • Added Blinking Dot overlay to stop recording
  • Added 5 variety of QS Tile tint style
  • Added ability to randomly choose System Accent color from Raven Themes
  • Added Ability to control QS Panel and Notification transparency
  • Made Improvements to the QS Panel Media player


  • Re-Implemented Settings list bounce animation
  • Added New Gaming Mode in RavenLair->Miscellaneous->Gaming Mode
  • Removed overly used Lottie animations settings wide
  • Mini re-design of RavenLair
  • Nuked Full screen cutout (wasn’t working)
  • Implemented Notch Killer overlay in Display Settings to extend apps beyond the notch
  • Added ability to toggle off Keyboard bottom space from Settings->System->Gestures->System navigation->IME button space
  • Added toggle for high touch sensitivity in Display settings
  • Added seekbar for Notification and QS Panel Transparency


  • Made UI improvements to Gaming Mode QS Tiles style
  • Added Ability to see RAM usage within the Gaming mode overlay
  • Redesigned Date and clock style and battery level in Gaming mode overlay
  • Slight changes to the Performance Seekbar

Device Side:

Version v17 kernel 4.4 (24-10-2021)

  • lavender:init:Add script for exTHmUI’s GameMode performance control
  • lavender: product.prop : add gboard props
  • lavender:Disable kpti
  • lavender: init: Use more generic values for GameMode
  • lavender: overlay-lineage: Enable call recording
  • lavender: Add battery LED overlays
  • lavender: disable config_multiColorBatteryLed
  • address overlay-directory
  • lavender: Adjust QS tile rows and columns
  • lavender:configs: Update whitelisting for HotwordEnrollment
  • lavender:Uprev camera.provider to 2.6
  • lavender:Add permission for Google Photos
  • Add other prop for rounded corner
  • lavender: Remove vibrator HAL interface
  • lavender: vibrator: Enable LED based vibrator
  • lavender: vibrator: Add config to exclude haptics devices from input
  • Switched to qti haptics
  • lavender: overlay: define proper content padding
  • clean up some blobs
  • lavender: powerhint: reduce default GPU idle timer to 70 ms
  • lavender: powerhint: Boost TAStuneboost to 10 for interaction
  • lavender: Tune powerhint
  • lavender: Update blobs from lavender
  • lavender : remove trustzone fw restrictions
  • lavender: Kill console parameters
  • lavender: Remove USE_XML_AUDIO_POLICY_CONF
  • lavender: Stop building android.hardware.broadcastradio HIDL impl
  • lavender: libhidl: Move to Android.bp
  • lavender: Remove vndk-ext
  • lavender: libshims: Move to Android.bp
  • lavender: update redfin build fingerprint
  • lavender: Remove ESE power management blobs
  • lavender: Cleanup some non existent and unessential services
  • lavender: Drop Qualcomm WFD


  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • For Testers and Developers.


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