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Corvus OS with Android 11 For Realme 1 (CPH1859)

Corvus OS v16.7 | Obsidian
Device: Oppo Realme 1 | cph1859
Build Date: 27-07-2021
Android: 11 (R)
Maintainer: @I_am_pronoob


Source Side:

Corvus OS v16.7 – Obsidian Changelogs:

  • Merged android-11.0.0_r39 SP
  • Added New QS Header dateview
  • Added QS custom Header images (OmniStyles)
  • Added new Corvus header pack
  • Added QS Panel weather
  • Added Secure lock screen QS
  • Added Faceunlock animation
  • Added HW keys customisation support
  • Added support for HW home button wakeup
  • Re-Implemented the whole FOD with the latest los changes
  • Massive improvements in FOD
  • Added new FOD animations
  • Added new FOD Pressed layer (light yellow)
  • Added new FOD Icons for OnePlus 8 series
  • Added support to allow users to disable FOD night light when active
  • Added FOD system overlays
  • Added FOD Icon Animations (thanks to SSOS and Zaid)
  • Added Corvus FOD Icon
  • Re-Added Reticker (Fixed QS Panel glitch, might still cause system restart)
  • Added Settings to hide the notch
  • Reimplemented force full-screen apps settings
  • Fixed vibration feedback on Fingerprint error/success
  • Added toggle to enable media art background in QS media player
  • Added toggle for colored status bar icons
  • Nuked smart charging
  • Added full width to Battery graph view
  • Added toggle for Notification/Ring vibration in Audio settings
  • Improvements to System Blur
  • An added new set of Fonts
  • Added Pixel Offline charging animation
  • Added Lockscreen Blur
  • Added partial screenshot toggle
  • Added power button press fingerprint toggle
  • Added Optional screenshot QS Tile
  • Added new Clockstyles (Fluid, SSOS, Cronos, Clockertino, IDE etc)
  • Updated web view providers
  • Added new FaceUnlock from Pixel Experience
  • Extended FaceUnlock to AppLock
  • Fixed wrong QS reboot to recovery tile message
  • Added new Navbar styles
  • Nuked Equaliser (unstable in most of the devices)
  • Added More sassy wallpapers
  • Fixed avatar click action on the settings search bar
  • Bug fixes and overall performance improvements

Device Changelog:

  • Initial Build



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  • Clean Flash is Recommended.


  • For Testers and Developers.


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