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Corvus OS with Android 11 For OnePlus 8T (Kebab)

Corvus OS 16.8 | Avalon | Official | Android 11
Build Date: Aug-22-2021
Device: OnePlus 8T (kebab)
Maintainer: Viper_1057


Source Side:

Corvus OS v16.8 – Avalon Changelogs:

  • Merged android-11.0.0_r40 SP
  • Added 2 new Settings Dashboard Styles (Ravenlair -> Miscellaneous)
  • Re-colored Settings dashboard icons
  • Added Custom Spring/Elastic animation to Settings Dashboard
  • Added new animation on Corvus Settings Panel in Settings
  • Added QS Panel Opacity (RavenLair -> QuickSettings)
  • Added Notifications Opacity (RavenLair -> Notifications)
  • Added new QS status icons background toggle (RavenLair -> QuickSettings)
  • Redesigned default Volume Panel
  • Added Volume Panel Plugins (RavenLair -> hardware -> Buttons)
  • Added Support for setting App volume in Volume Panels
  • Reworked Traffic Indicators (Includes Upload, Download and Dynamic modes)
  • Updated QS Header date style to be more compact
  • Added new QS Header Date&Clock Style toggle (More notch friendly Clock style)
  • Added Ability to Adjust Clock Sizes in QS Header and Statusbar Individually
  • Added new A12 offline charging style in source
  • Added Screen off FOD
  • Added drawable for “History” and “Clear all” action in the Notification panel
  • Added Shadow to the Battery meter per cent in settings to make it more visible
  • Nuke non-working share button from recent
  • Fix Kill App button in recent to make it actually kill apps
  • Fixed ReTicker random UI restart
  • Fixed stutters in QS Panel pull down
  • Fixed SystemUI force close on Landscape mode with QS Media on
  • Fixed Active QS Tile color
  • Fixed Broken Lockscreen charging animation
  • Fixed crash on Applock due to FOD
  • Fixed toggling Full-Screen apps

Device Changelog:

  • Replaced Camera with GCam Mod from greatness.
  • Introduce OnePlus Device Settings as Oneplus Settings.
  • Improve and Add customizations for FPS overlay.
  • Enable and add color modes in display settings.
  • Nuke touch gestures.
  • Added DC-Dimming.
  • Added all OnePlus8T models detection.
  • Limit screen recorder to 60fps.
  • Enable blurs in display-settings.
  • Some more bug fixes under the hood.




  • For Testers and Developers.


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