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Corvus OS v14.0 R(11) For Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 X01BD

Corvus OS v14.0 | Ruinous | Official
Android: 11 (R)
Build Date: 08-02-2021
Device: Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 | X01BD
Maintainer: @Curious_To_Learn


Source Side:

Corvus OS v14.0-Ruinous Changelogs

Bumped to v14.0-Ruinous

** Additions to the features

  • Merged tag r31 i.e February Security Patch
  • Added ambient pulse and aod notifications
  • Added toggle to launch default music player on headset connect
  • Added Radio info tab
  • Added option to enable AOD on charging only
  • Added edge lights on AOD when AOD is enabled
  • Updated Team in Raven Lair
  • Added new Gestures tab
  • Added Statusbar brightness control
  • Added New Lottie Animations
  • Added New FOD Animations for FOD devices
  • Added LiveDisplay from LOS
  • Added LiveDisplay Tile
  • Added Live Volume Steps
  • Added Smart Charging
  • Enable Lockscreen default shortcuts
  • Add animation duration & repeat count for notification pulse
  • QS header: Update and style edit strings
  • Added activity indicators to the wifi icon
  • Added Headphonesbuddy tile
  • Added MicroG GmsCore to location providers
  • Added FloatingRotationButton for hw-key devices
  • Added drawable for No SIM
  • Added support for oem fast charger detection
  • Added Turbo power charging support
  • Moved carrier name of opposite slot in DataSwitch tile label
  • Moved blur toggle to Display options
  • Added FastCharge preference into Battery settings
  • Added Clipboard toast toggle

** Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed 2tap2wake after Ambient Pulsing on some devices
  • Fixed list-style alert dialogue to use system font
  • Fixed bug with user_setup_complete setting
  • Increased action bar size values
  • Fixed SIM PIN1 lock screen abnormal
  • Improved NfcAdapter APIs to report correct nfc state
  • Fixed the wrong lastBackgroundTime in UidRecord
  • camera: Support exposing aux camera to apps
  • Fixed location icon margins
  • Matched some qs radius with system corner settings
  • Make the qs introduction bg follow day/night accent
  • Killed custom font on DND mode buttons, handled well on styles
  • Fixed black screen issue due to wallpaper decoding exceptions
  • Allowed media art with enabled facelock lockscreen bypass
  • Fixed the mystery of disappearing battery percent
  • Disabled fingerprint vibration if no haptics
  • Enabled burn-in protection by default
  • Fixed some icon packs target package
  • Launcher3: Use app opening animation for notification opening
  • Fixed launcher preview rendering
  • Launcher3: removed extra space for hotseat
  • Added missing default workspace changes in LauncherFiles
  • LauncherPreviewRenderer: Fixed crash with icon cache
  • Quickstep: Fixed crash in StaggeredWorkspaceAnim
  • Launcher: Fixed gesture navigation fail to move to bottom
  • Exposed auto night mode sunset and sunrise values on API
  • Added support to unlock mobile network settings when airplane mode is on
  • Removed storage manager activation warning
  • Tint data usage bar with activated control color
  • Fixed stray divider in connected devices screen
  • Fixed inconsistent USB preference screen title
  • Removed roaming warning dialog
  • Removed app uninstall and disable confirmation dialogs
  • Made description of media closing controls more consistent
  • Increased 5 GHz network signal tolerance

Device Side:

  • Upstreamed Kernel to v4.4.256 ElectroPerf.
  • Fixed random crashes and lags.
  • Updated Pre-Built Apps.
  • Updated to Redfin FP Feb Release.
  • Added Elegant Notch Support.(Credits to Iscambo13)
  • Made Corners Round.
  • Permissive Build.


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