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CherishOS v2.2.8 R(11) For Redmi Note 5 Pro Whyred

Device: Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred)
Maintainer: @SALMAN_IS_HERE
Version: 2.2.8 | OFFICIAL |
Android : 11
Build date: 28/02/2020

Rom Changelog:

Changelog v2.2.8 23/02/2021

  • Updated translations from crowdin
  • Fixed bubble crash
  • Switched pixel gapps
  • Updated battery Bluetooth level icon from OOS
  • Updated some icons status from OOS
  • Added OOS dismiss clear notifications
  • Added smart pixels
  • Improved set QS panel columns and rows
  • Added Mono audio tile (aka headphone in one ear only)
  • Fixed qs tiles theme no work
  • HeadphonesBuddy: Fix crash on long press
  • More lock screen clock size and make clock is small in default
  • Added vibration patterns from OOS
  • Allowed choosing a custom vibration pattern
  • Added backed increasing ring feature
  • Updated fonts_customization.xml from pixel 5
  • Added OOS Brightness Slider Style
  • Added option for Gesture bar Radius
  • Added Navigation mode settings
  • Fixed some icons auto miss in settings
  • Fixed SystemUI sometimes the lag and FC
  • Fixed search not work
  • Added OTA app
  • Improved other system

Device Changelog:

  • Redfin Fp.
  • Added Meme Cam .
  • Added FM radio.
  • Added Vanced Manager & Musicolet As Per Users Request .
  • Added V4FX. No Root Req. Flash V4FX Driver.
  • Added XiaomiParts.
  • Nuked Spectrum Profiles.
  • Added Dirac and Props .
  • Added Pulse Audio 4.0 From Masik .
  • Improved Ram Management.
  • Enabled auto-power-save.
  • Added Missing Overlays To Make UI smoother .
  • Fixed Bootreceiver crash on LOCKED_BOOT_COMPLETED .
  • Many Moar Underhood Changes

Kernal Changelog:

  • Introducing Touchboost driver.
  • implemented USB fast charge mode.
  • Enabled Force fast charge by default.
  • Introduce a simple MSM thermal solution.


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CherishOS v2.2.8 R(11) For Redmi Note 5 Pro Whyred


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