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Cherish OS with Android 13 For Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G/Poco X4 Pro 5G (Veux)

Cherish OS Update for Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G/Poco X4 Pro 5G

  • Device: Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G/Poco X4 Pro 5G (Veux)
  • Maintainer: @Monu_ohlyan
  • Version: 4.2 | OFFICIAL
  • Android: 13
  • Build date: 09/11/2022

Rom Changelog:

Changelog v4.2:

  • Merged Nov Patch
  • Added more battery styles
  • Added Face Unlock
  • Added Controllable squiggle animation in playing songs
  • Added Bluetooth dialog
  • Added extended/”L” back swipe to trigger actions/app/activities
  • Added support for one shot auto-brightness
  • Added Volume Long Press Skip Tracks
  • Added burnIn protection
  • Added missing animations for gestures and features
  • Added more DNS providers
  • Added an activity for saved Bluetooth devices fragment
  • Added Smart Charging
  • Added battery health info
  • Added Aperture Camera is default
  • Redesigned all lockscreen buttons
  • Used wireless charging animation for wired charging too
  • Show more APK details on App info screen
  • Fixed some games force close
  • Fixed issues with hidden mode in clock
  • Fixed the flicker issue in streaming video
  • Fixed moblie data not work for old devices
  • Fixed screen unpinning text on devices that have gestures on fp sensor
  • Fixed custom lockscreen shortcut icons being white
  • Fixed action bar font family on material themes
  • Fixed ialways return first package for mock location app in developer options.
  • Fixed NPE crash in TextToSpeechSettings
  • Fixed crash when input illegal proxy port number
  • Fixed NetlinkListener error in recovery
  • Fixed NPE when finishing remote animation
  • reTicker: Do not jump to app when clicked in games
  • Improved QS styles
  • Improved battery styles
  • Improved other systems

Device Changelog:

  • Sync with the latest source




  • Clean Flash is recommended.


  • All Testers and Developers.



    • Yes, both are same only (Peux/Veux).

      Codename “veux”:

      1) Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G [Global]
      2) POCO X4 Pro 5G [Global]

      Codename “peux”:

      1) Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G [India]
      2) POCO X4 Pro 5G [India]

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