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Cherish OS with Android 13 For Realme 3 Pro/X Lite (RMX1851)

Cherish OS Update for Realme 3 Pro

  • Device: Realme 3 Pro (RMX1851)
  • Maintainer: @Cykeek
  • Version: 4.1 | OFFICIAL
  • Android: 13
  • Build date: 07/10/2022

Rom Changelog:

Changelog v4.1:

  • Merge Oct Patch
  • Added app lock
  • Added animations to quick settings tiles
  • Added interpolators to qs tiles animation
  • Added Power/reboot menu transparency
  • Added Power Menu animations
  • Added custom monet from proton OS
  • Added double tap/long press power to toggle the torch
  • Added Display actual charge tech in battery settings
  • Added Display Turbocharging in battery settings
  • Added refactor status bar Bluetooth icon
  • Added ability to toggle Bluetooth battery level
  • Added toggling privacy indicators
  • Added option app icons in the status bar optional
  • Added notification counters
  • Added vanilla builds
  • Fixed bug Device that can’t support adoptable storage cannot read the sdcard.
  • Fixed list style alert dialog to use system font
  • Fixed crash/race condition when destroyActivity
  • Fixed Bluetooth pan memory leakage
  • WallpaperService: Fixed half-black wallpaper after rotating quickly
  • Updated to various icons
  • Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
  • Improved other systems

Device Changelog:

  • Disabled Intrusive GMS component (Better Deep Sleep up to 96%)
  • DPI set to around 400
  • Limit some background Processes (Better Idle Drain)
  • Added Some NiTRON Tweaks thanks to @Kartik728
  • Added RealmePart
  • Now Display VOOC charging instead of charging rapidly
  • Removed Pre-rendering props to save CPU and Battery cost
  • Welcome back Moto Dolby
  • Removed some incompatible HALs
  • Enabled vibration intensity control
  • Added Freeform Windows (Buggy)
  • Now settings cache will be cleared automatically after dirty Flash.
  • Fix Cam interfaces on Vilte Calls
  • Enabled USB and Skin temperature Warnings
  • By default Disabled GMS intent Operation service (pm disable
  • Grant notification listener to Launcher 3
  • Enabled google LILY_EXPERIENCE feature [ works on Android Go-specific features for Android Go Apps]
  • Disable Blur on app-launch
  • Disable touch sound by default (Who needs that?)
  • Fix GBoard side Padding
  • Remove the camera from background Apps to save RAM space
  • Force disabled Google Now playing feature ( only works on Pixel devices )
  • Added Gapps debloater (Only Basic Gapps has been added rest are kicked)
  • Set animation speed to 1.1 (Better sm0othness in App opening)
  • Fixed FP ripple animation Lags
  • Allow more cached apps in the background
  • Added AOSP RCS packages
  • Import oriole cpuctl tunings
  • Added Google Battery HALs
  • Force Disable Low ram configs
  • Disable
  • Drop config_setColorTransformAccelerated
  • Place the volume Panel by the left (Our volume buttons on the left side and it makes sense to keep the volume flyout to be shown on the left side)


  • Clean flash is recommended.




  • All developers and Testers.
  • Rishi , Kssrao , kartik728 , kanged99 for helping me
  • Testers: Santanu, vansh, dimzhit, ashu, aditya, divine for testing

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