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CesiumOS v3.1 R(11) For Poco F1 (Beryllium)

CesiumOS v3.1 – OFFICIAL Poco F1 Beryllium | Android 11.
Updated: 10/12/’20

Release notes:

Hello folks! Here we are with an exciting release of CesiumOS. This build focuses on making CesiumOS stable and reliable as a daily driver.

So here’s what changed:

  • Kernel upstream to 4.9.247
  • Added blur option under development settings
  • Updated camera {aux, priv-app} list
  • Merged android-11.0.0_r20 – December security patch
  • Update prebuilt from redfin-user 11 RQ1A.201205.010 6953398 release-keys
  • Fixed navbar layout tunning
  • Updated navbar animations from pixel
  • Fixup exposing aux camera
  • Updated support for third party NFC extension
  • Introduce PixelProps
  • Fixed screenshot not showing in power menu
  • Remove restrictions for system audio record
  • Added A/B perf mode for Updater
  • Move battery icon back to QS panel
  • Added option to configure qs header image
  • Added option to switch back to pre P mobile data icon style
  • Fixed missing icons from ThemePicker
  • Added some additional fonts
  • Added lock screen quick unlock option
  • Added back fastbootd with checks for supported device
  • Added backup tool support for system addons
  • Fixed Settings search bar theming
  • Hide media player top divider
  • Added hacks to pass SafetyNet test by default
  • Make the battery saver tile useful
  • Fixed margin and padding for lock screen bottom shortcuts
  • Fixed status bar VoLTE tuner switch
  • Introduced a new collection of wallpapers for Android 11
  • Updated boot animation Android 11
  • Added support for SmartBuild enabled device trees
  • Added tons of patches to handle system exception during crashes.

CesiumOS v3.1 R(11) For Poco F1 (Beryllium)

  1. Onwards this release we are dropping “BETA” tag from our releases and will enforce “OFFICIAL” tag for every official device.
  2. Supported devices will receive the update till this weekend.

CesiumOS v3.1 R(11) For Poco F1 (Beryllium)

Download: Click Here [908 MB]

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