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ArrowOS with Android 13 For Mi 9T Pro/Redmi K20 Pro (Raphael)

ArrowOS 13.0 | Android 13 | UNOFFICIAL
Updated: 21/08/’22


  • Fully compiled with Global ThinLTO (Link time optimizer which can improve performance up to 10-15%);
  • Fixed occasional lock screen crash when using fingerprint;
  • Fixed battery charging indicator & animation dying after a while;
  • Fixed all Bluetooth codecs.
  • Fixed SafetyNet not passing by default;
  • Supposedly fixed Alipay & WeChat fp payment;
  • Further improved UX smoothness;
  • Further improved overall performance;
  • Added pixel props to spoof various games and apps such as google photos unlimited backup etc;
  • More misc fixes;

Device Side:

  • Initial Android 13 Build.


  • Clean flash is required, same for upgrading from older versions.
  • The R.O.M. has reverted from F.B.E. V2 to F.B.E. V1 and you can use data partition as either F2FS or EXT4.
  • ONLY FOR EXPERIENCE, subsequent updates may require clean flash again.
  • The R.O.M. uses an O.S.S. vendor and custom ArrowOS kernel (C.A.F.).
  • The R.O.M. requires Android 11 firmware.




  • All Developers and Testers.
  • Credits to @ArianK16a for fixing the U.D.F.P.S.
  • By: @KujouYuko.


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