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AOSP Extended with Android 12 For Realme 3 Pro/X Lite (RMX1851)

Aosp Extended v9.0 – OFFICIAL
Android version: 12
Maintainer: @Ahmed Moselhi
Updated: 15/02/’22

Source Side:

Aosp Extended v9.0 Changelog

  • Initial Android 12 Build.
  • Aosp Extended upstream changes

Device Changelog:

  • device/qcom/sepolicy_vndr
    • legacy: add app_data_file_type to imshelper_app_data_file
    • legacy: rename ffs_prop to ffs_config_prop
    • sepolicy_vndr: Rename exported3_radio_prop to radio_control_prop
    • sepolicy_vndr: exported2_default_prop -> build_prop
    • sepolicy_vndr: qva: Update vendor property types
  • manifest
    • manifest: Update readme important links
    • packages/apps/Settings
    • AboutUs: Update api url to s
  • vendor/aosp
    • vendor: Build TouchGestures
    • nuke pixel charger


  • Clean Flash Recommended.

Flashing Guide:

  • Download the latest official TWRP & flash it
  • Download ROM zip
  • Remove sdcard from your device
  • Flash ROM
  • Flash the provided gapps or any other gapps (optional)
  • Format Data if coming from Android (10,11) or dirty/clean flash if coming from the previous build
  • Reboot to system




  • All Developers and Testers.

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