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AOSP Extended with Android 12 For Poco X3 (Surya)

AOSP Extended v9.0 | OFFICIAL ~ Surya
Android: 12
Build Date: 17/02/’22
By: @TheStrechh


Aosp Extended v9.0 Changelog

  • Initial Android 12 Build.

Device Changelog:

  • device/xiaomi/surya
    • surya: Ship with separate GApps build
  • kernel/xiaomi/surya
    • fix build
    • msm_serial_hs: make the Bluetooth tty thread RT
    • Make msm_serial_hs RT to improve Bluetooth performance
    • PM: devfreq: Use high priority workqueue
    • lpm-levels: Optimize and make way for upstream changes
    • sched/isolcpus: Fix “isolcpus=” boot parameter handling when !CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK
    • sched/fair: Fix incorrect CPU access in check_for_migration()
    • sched/fair: Fix excessive packing on the max capacity CPU
  • packages/apps/Settings
    • Merge pull request #8 from AospExtended/12.x


  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • All Developers and Testers.

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