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AncientOS 5.1 R(11) For Redmi Note 4/4x Mido

AncientOS 5.1 | Android 11 | Beta2
for Redmi Note 4X
Maintained by Smokey

Build Variant: Gapps
Build Version: 5.1 | Society Beta2
Build Date: 31 January 2020

Source Changelogs:

  • Redesign SystemUI and Settings
  • Fixed battery estimate
  • Fixed sound picker
  • Enable zygote preforking
  • Added FOD recognizing animation
  • Added screen off FOD
  • Added FOD picker
  • Added FOD pressed colour
  • Added tiles sync, volume panel, reboot, data switch, music
  • Added wiret/bt headset ringtone audio focus customizable
  • Added DU System themes
  • Added pulse equalizer navbar/lockscreen
  • Added QS tile style picker
  • Added qs tint with accent colour
  • Added RGB Accenter
  • Added disco on qs
  • Added QS clock style
  • Added QS analogue clock style
  • Added rounded corner style
  • Added status bar height style
  • Added dual row status bar mod
  • Added signature spoofing
  • Added show/hide edit icon
  • Added status bar logo
  • Added radius gesture navbar
  • Added max lock screen notification count
  • Added status bar notification count
  • Added navbar style
  • Added settings style
  • Added switch style
  • Added AOKP system animation
  • Added ethan animation
  • Added toast animation
  • Added smart pixels
  • Added optional screenshot type
  • Added disable notification vibration
  • Added Data usage
  • January sec r27
  • Added screenshot and screen record on power menu
  • Added old-style data indicator
  • Added theme settings dash icons icons
  • Added Face unlock
  • Added swipe up on keyguard to use face unlock
  • Added navbar layout inversion
  • Added simple icon pack in launcher
  • Added kill app button in launcher
  • Added more style status bar icon
  • Added more fonts
  • Added more charging animation
  • Fixed volume rocker skip track on ambient
  • Screen-off volume skip track
  • Pulse on new music track (ambient music)
  • Switch GalleryGo
  • Allow set back swipe deadzone
  • Allow enable/disable power menu
  • Custom doze brightness and pulse brightness
  • Improve gaming mode
  • Improve edge light
  • Improve source

Device Changelogs :

  • Fix Lock screen issue
  • Shifted to Gapps build ( more stable )


  • Kernel is 4.9 Scarlett ( Just Renamed )
  • Remember its BETA, so yeah bugs there


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