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Ancient OS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 5A Prime/Y1 Lite (Ulysse)

Ancient OS 5.6 | Android 11 | Iron
for Redmi Note 5A Prime/Lite (ulysse)
Maintained by Adi Permana

Build Variant: Vanilla
Build Version: 5.6 | Society
Build Date: 01-10-2021

Source Changelogs:

Ancient OS 5.6 | Android 11

  • September security r43
  • Added Monetwannabe 2.2 from DotOS ( credit and thanks to @iacobionut01, KieronQuinn, and kdragon)
  • Added Weather QsClock style also LS/Statusbar
  • Added Megalith Card Style
  • Added IOS switch style and 5 more
  • Added Monet settings theme (with or without card)
  • Added Ancient Volume Style
  • Added Custom Volume progress and thumb style (aosp/ancient style only)
  • Added Volume Custom colouring (aosp/ancient style only)
  • Added Left Volume panel
  • Added DataUsage footer and its icon style
  • Added Dismiss icon and color style
  • Added Dismiss background and color style
  • Improve Android S clock
  • Add Dcsms StatusBar triple Row style
  • Added more Battery Danny Style
  • Added more status bar icon
  • Rework QsTile style to non-overlay
  • Added Notif Header icon background style
  • Added Back Statusbar Height
  • Added more Notif and Qspanel Background style
  • Added more Custom Qspanel Background ( gradient and custom color )
  • Added Dashboard Icon and background Custom color picker
  • Added Ram Usage and style in quickstep launcher3
  • Added gaming mode from exthmui
  • Added left and right virtual buttons while typing
  • Added system-wide fonts
  • Added screenshot quality
  • Added mac address firewall
  • Added hotspot client
  • Added pocket mode
  • Added maximum notification style
  • Added A12 widget
  • Added Custom charging logo and symbol
  • Added GPU render in developer options
  • Added QS media art
  • Improve kill the app in the notification
  • Switch to PE face unlock
  • Fixed fc when use ReTicker
  • Fixed SafetyNet
  • Fixed untinted system icon in lock screen
  • Fixed long press on mobile data
  • Fixed overlay reset every reboot
  • Improve FPS Info
  • Improve Settings appearance
  • Fixed the lag when pulling QS shade/scrolling notifications.

Device Changelogs :

  • Sync latest source
  • Upstreamed kernel to 4.9.284


  • Enforcing build
  • This build works for Redmi Note 5A/Y1 Lite (ugglite) and Note 5A Prime/Y1 (ugg)
  • Clean flash recommended
  • Vanilla build, no GAPPS included



  • For All Developers and Testers.
  • @glassydan & @avlensa, Gabuters Team, xiaomi-ulysse Team
  • mi-msm8937 Team, @uselessspersons for testing


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