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Ancient OS with Android 12 For Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred)

Ancient OS 6.2 | Android 12
for Redmi Note 5 Pro
Maintained by @AdrarHussain

Build Variant: Gapps | Vanilla
Build Version: 6.2 | Soceity
Build Date: 10-02-2022

Source Changelogs:

Ancient OS 6.2 | Android 12

  • February security patch
  • New design AncientUI 5.0 ( qs panel design, qsClock style, qsClock gravity, qsClock animation style)
  • Redesign Settings UI (by @nabil_aba)with new Look
  • Added Custom status bar clock background
  • Added data style, signal wifi style
  • The added custom charging icon
  • Added New Landscape Battery Style and Custom fill color
  • Added Dual Statusbar and Style
  • Added Statusbar Height Style
  • Added StatusBar padding custom and
  • fix on go back default after locking the screen
  • Added QsTile Style
  • Added toggle Skinny notification
  • Added Custom Icon and coloring Dismiss Button
  • Added Colored Notification icon
  • Added simple RGB color display
  • Added monet impl from kdrag0n
  • Added some permissions
  • Added three fingers swipe to SS
  • Added PixelProps
  • Added deep sleep info to uptime preference
  • Added keyhandler
  • Added flipendo
  • Added smart space
  • Added back increasing ring
  • Added unlinked ringtone and notif volume
  • Added status bar icon tunner
  • Added reset battery stats
  • Added scramble pin layout when unlocking
  • Added forward LS quick unlock
  • Added haptics feedback to tiles
  • Added animation quick settings
  • Added interpolatir to qs tiles
  • Added power menu custom
  • Added dt2s on LS
  • Added dt2s on the status bar
  • Added double tap/long press to torch
  • Added Volume rocker
  • Added volume key music control
  • Added USB configuration
  • Added noisy toogle
  • Added caffeine, ambient, USB, sync, sound, partial/full ss, heads-up, reboot/recovery, data switch, aod, volume, compass, FPS info
  • Added toogle for disabling wired charging animation
  • Added battery saver profiles
  • Added status bar logo
  • Added brightness slider change
  • Added hiding call strength
  • Added pocket mode
  • Added carrier label
  • Added double tap to wake on doze
  • Added options to enable AOD on charging only
  • Added less boring heads-up
  • Added kill button to notify guts
  • Added show current/new version on package installer
  • Added VPN tethering hotspot
  • Added combine signal toogle
  • Added navbar inversions
  • Added navbar toogle
  • Added navbar layout
  • Added arrow key while typing
  • Added custom length navbar gestures
  • Added options to cycle through ringer mode
  • Added changing monet from AncientSettings
  • Added required to unlock to use sensitive qs tiles
  • Added heads-up blacklist
  • Added heads-up timeout
  • Added heads-up snooze
  • Added qs pulldown with one finger
  • Added status bar clock date custom
  • Added running services from qs panel
  • Added edit icon toogle
  • Added wake on plug
  • Added network traffic indicator
  • Added hw key custom
  • Added LS media artwork blur
  • Added fingerprint authentication vibrate
  • Added volume key control
  • Added incall vibrate
  • Added display data disable indicator icon
  • Added roaming indicator optional
  • Added custom light button
  • Added home wakeup
  • Added cpu info
  • Added pulse magic
  • Added allow disabling qs footer
  • Added smart pulldown
  • Added ringtone for multisim
  • Added battery light custom
  • Added notif led light custom
  • Added disable led after full charging
  • Added live volume steps
  • Added forward cm security
  • Added old mobile data-style
  • Added status bar brightness control
  • Added battery icon custom
  • Added 4G icon instead LTE
  • Added VOLTE style
  • Added allow swal volume button rotation
  • Added hide power menu on secure LS
  • Added toast icon switch
  • Added hiding notification header
  • Added OEM fast charge detect
  • Added udfps
  • Added disable screenshot shutter sound
  • Added toogle for disabling battery estimate
  • Improve NFC tiles
  • Force disable ambient music
  • Update some icons to MD2
  • Improve screen record
  • Removed restrictions for system audio record
  • Allow disabling refresh rate lowering in battery saver
  • Enable some google features
  • More me forget

Device Changelogs :

  • Initial Build


  • Clean Flash Is recommended.




  • For All Developers and Testers.


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