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Ancient OS with Android 12 For Realme 5 Pro/Q (RMX1971)

Ancient OS 6.2 | Android 12
for Realme 5 Pro (RMX1971)
Maintained By @a1kara

  • Build Variant: Gapps & Vanilla
  • Build Version: 6.2 | Shield & Weeabo
  • Build Date: 01-12-2021

Source Changelogs:

Ancient OS 6.2 | Android 12

  • January security r27
  • Improve FPS Info
  • Update GMS
  • Enable carrier label for all
  • Improve brightness slider
  • Improve ambient music
  • Improve pocked mode
  • Apply monet to fingerprint authentication ripple animation
  • Reduce screenshot delay
  • Don’t crash QS panel when not using media player
  • Allow user to select low power Refresh rate
  • Change network traffic from aosp krypton impl
  • Add toogle bluetooth batery level
  • Add allow to pulse new track in ambient music
  • Add ambient pulse light
  • Add quick unlock compatible with long pin/pass
  • Add notification count
  • Add TouchGesture
  • Add allow schedulling AOD
  • Add lockscreen charging info
  • Add superdart, vooc, warp, dash
  • Add extend swipe /”L” back swipe to trigger action/app/activities
  • Add custom udfps icon
  • Add FOD color pressed
  • Add some fix NPE
  • Add allow user to disable night light on FOD
  • Add haptic feedback optional on back gesture
  • Add UDFPS haptic feedback optional
  • Add udfps icon and animation
  • Add new bootanimation
  • Add toogle signature spoofing
  • Add Extend Pulse QS Panel
  • Add pulse custom grafity and center mirror
  • Add pulse vertical mirror
  • Add icon pack style
  • Add font style
  • Add shape style
  • Add double tap to trigger doze
  • Add Theme color
  • Add disable secure on LS
  • Add toogle mic/camera privacy indicator
  • Add toogle location indicator
  • Add screen of animation
  • Add allow forcing small keyguard
  • Add rounde line pulse
  • Add toogle floating rotation button
  • Add qs columns count settings
  • Add max icon notification custom
  • Add flashlight on incoming call
  • Add wifi timeout
  • Add bluetooth timeout
  • Add more volte and vowifi icon
  • Add custom rate in screen record
  • Add volume dialog timeout
  • Add alert slider
  • Add BT Qti
  • Add Settings Homepage Style
  • Add Lockscreen Clock Style
  • Add Lockscreen Clock font (only for some for now)
  • Add Lockscreen Clock Custom Background (only for some for now)
  • Add More Landscape Battery Style
  • Add More StatusBar Signal Wifi Icon Style
  • Add More Qstile Background Style
  • Add Transparent Statusbar Clock with custom background
  • Add More Qs Clock
  • Add Brightness Slider Style
  • Add Volume Seekbar Style and Background color
  • Add Volume Percentage and its Placement
  • Add Toggle to leftside Volume panel
  • Add Custom Dimension for statusbar Signal icon
  • Add Custom Dimension for statusbar Wifi icon
  • Add Custom Dimension for statusbar Battery icon
  • Add Corner Radius Style
  • Add Custom Size Pill Gesture Navigation Bar
  • Add Navigation Bar Icon Style
  • Add Extended Volume Panel
  • Add Datausage monthly on Qs Clock ( toggleable )
  • Add Edge gesture dead zone
  • Add screen height for back gestures
  • Add Game Space from aosp krypton
  • Add more custom icon theme pixel launcher

Device Changelogs :

  • Fixed Chrome crash
  • Fixed VoLTE call
  • Merged LA.UM.9.8.r1-04400-SDM710.0 tag
  • Upstream v4.9.295
  • Misc changes


  • Clean flash recommended




  • All Developers and Testers.
  • @Abi027, @ChandraX, @MasterBBI, @Sean002 for testing


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