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Ancient OS with Android 11 For Poco F2 Pro/Redmi K30 Pro

Ancient OS 5.5 | Android 11
for Poco F2 Pro | Redmi K30 Pro (lmi/lmipro)
Maintained by @soumyo19

Build Variant: Gapps
Build Version: 5.5 | Society
Build Date: 29 July l 2021

Source Changelogs:

Ancient OS 5.5 | Android 11

  • July Security r39
  • Added QS Panel style (Stocklike, Ancient UI, OOS like panel)
  • Improve and Add more StatusBar Dual Row Style (status bar height now auto switch according to style)
  • (thanks to @krisnaabdillah and @nabil_aba for the new layout)
  • Added more status bar icon
  • Rework Brightness Style to Non-overlay
  • Added Notif Header text colour
  • Improve Simple Statusbar Padding
  • Rework Font overlay
  • Re-enable qs drag handle (switchable with qqs setting n brightness on stocklike panel)
  • Improve n Rework Header Image Size
  • Improve and Add more LandScape Battery (thanks to @hellonetizen for new battery style)
  • Improve status bar toggle slider
  • Force enable all CarrierLabel placement
  • Rework Ancient QsClock Style to non-overlay (improve speed when switching style)
  • Added back Ancient a10 QsClock to style
  • Added Settings Homepage like stock style
  • Added more settings theme (with or without card)
  • Added volume for app
  • Added WFD legacy output video mode
  • Added live display
  • Added Monet engine from DotOS (Need re-apply wallpaper image after choosing color pallete)
  • Added LS clock Android S and more
  • Added reticker
  • Added heads-up timeout
  • Added wake lock blocker
  • Added alarm blocker
  • Added switches style android S
  • Improve FOD
  • Fixed charging vibrate
  • Disable ambient music
  • Updated to accenter 3.0
  • Enable network activity indicator
  • Allow disable suggestion in the launcher
  • Misc

Device Changelogs :

  • Improved Stability (many things have been done I forgot)
  • Fixed many bugs I don’t remember
  • Using the Latest Quantic kernel by @Ayrton990


  • Clean Flash is a must
  • FOD is again messed up. don’t like it? don’t use my rom. I am spending day and night fixing stuff.
  • Required Firmware:


  • Screen off FOD



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  • All Testers and Developers


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